RDW declares the registration of a vehicle to be expired, 5 years after demolition.

A client had been pursued by the Tax and Customs Administration and the CJIB for over five years. The strange thing was that the vehicle was sold to a dismantling company in an onorthodox way, without the registration certificate, but it was legal!

The dismantling company that bought the vehicle without the registration papers, already disassembled the vehicle, but then did not release a formal certificate of the wrecking, so that’s where the nightmare began.

It then ‘rained’ fines for years. The man was given the run around and everyone pointed at each other. Eventually his accountant came to me and asked if I could help. After filing the documents at the correct department of the RDW and explaining what was going on (legally), it finally succeeded.

I have to say, with the cooperation of the RDW!

Now the tax authorities and the CJIB…

You have been warned and informed!

Hein Dudink/Lawyer