Legal assistance in all disputes concerning the Dutch RDW.

Have you come into a conflict with the RDW and you need help by an independent legal specialist? Then you have come to the right place. The RDW is a special governmental entity with very far-reaching powers and is surrounded by special laws and regulations. The most sensible thing to do is to contact us immediately after the occurrence or if a problem is suspected.

Unfortunately, it sometimes has to be concluded afterwards that if good advice had been given on time, many problems could have been prevented. That is why we also offer guidance in an (imminent) conflict. We know the pitfalls like no other! Our guidance has proven to be extremely effective! Because timely and good legal advice is often of decisive importance for a positive result, you can reach us 24/7! So also outside office hours and on weekends!

We specialize in RDW and CBR matters!

Wrongly received a suspension due to exceeding the Cusum stand?

If an unjustified suspension is imposed because you as a garage or inspector would have exceeded the cusum level, then you usually have a problem. Apart from the above, the chance of a random check also increases. As indicated, the RDW uses the; ’the polluter pays system’. A mix of the cusum status of the inspection body (AI) and the judge (KM).

Call us in time in case of problems!

Wrongly received a WOK (Waiting for Inspection) notification?

If for some reason a so-called ‘WOK message’ has been placed on your vehicle, you may have a problem. You will then have to make another inspection appointment at one of the inspection stations designated by the RDW. During this period you can receive all kinds of fines, additional assessments, etc. etc. Call us in time in case of problems!

Co2 level and BPM…

If there are problems regarding the determination of the Co2 emissions at the RDW (Lelystad) and the corresponding amount of the BPM amount to be paid by you, an appraiser / specialist can counter this via the RDW Advocaat. A further investigation and subsequent calculation will be made. The RDW must use the most favorable outcome! That can save thousands of euros!

BPM and a after-tax assessment received?

If there are problems in determining the amount of the BPM to be paid when importing a car from abroad, the Tax and Customs Administration can still issue an additional assessment until a considerable time after that first assessment and the payment of the first BPM assessment. send. It is now clear that not all import agencies in the Netherlands are completely ‘clear’ when it comes to informing what must ultimately be paid. The tax authorities ultimately use the Department of Movable Property Domains (DRZ) to assess the acceptability of the valuation of the car. It often goes wrong there as well. We see deviations of up to 400%! So call in time!

The Specialist

Mr. H.J.G. Dudink / Advocaat

Mr. H.J.G. Dudink / Advocaat


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