Fine in Germany for driving without a licence revoked

In this case, a professional truckdriver came to me that he had received a fine in Germany of € 1250,-, for a driving ban from 2018 that he had already (long) served. After objecting, I received a letter, of which the German was so technical-legal that I too did not fully understood it after reading it five times. The letter also stated that. ‘Für den (ausländischen) Laien sind die Enscheidungen niet nachzuvollziehen’.

That is why I contacted the court in Germany and it turned out that the complaint had been granted and the fine had been waived. Look, that’s what we do it for!

It was funny that the court also had to admit that there were made errors again in the new fine (Beschluss). But then it became clear that the prosecution had not been properly administered in 2018, leaving this driver still at risk of being fined again and again.

However, the last court could not correct that error itself and now the court that issued the first fine must be asked to correct this error.

And never say that the Germans never make mistakes!

Hein Dudink/Lawyer